Sunday, January 4, 2009


Longtime readers of Good Rubbish will undoubtedly fondly recall my post from last February on how to turn random glassware into a bird brothel. Well my friends, I come to you today bearing bad news, as the bird brothel is no more.


The old girl had been doing her job marvelously on the back porch of the McHanslaw manor - theoretically serving bird seed to the neighborhood birds while in reality exclusively fattening up the neighborhood squirrels during the coldest of the winter months - but a few days ago it ran afoul of a particularly clumsy, perhaps severely disabled, squirrel who thought he/she could best access the aforementioned sunflower seeds if the bird brothel were lying on its side... preferably at the base of the 4 foot tall table it was resting upon. Mission accomplished, though I doubt those bits of sunflowery goodness were quite as tasty after being mixed with microscopic shards of cheap glass.


I understand that this phrase holds great historical and cultural significance and should not be bandied about lightly, but for me the trail of tears lies in my own back yard, and it's paved with sunflower seeds.

And with that we say goodbye to one of the founding fathers of the world of Rubbish. Farewell my friend, best of luck to you in cheap crap heaven (a subsidiary of doggie heaven).

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