Friday, January 16, 2009


As of press date, Good Rubbish's longstanding courtship with the moderately adequate people over at has come to an abrupt, and long overdue, end. I just couldn't validate spending $7 a month to run a shop on cafepress when competing websites offer better features, more products, and a more attractive and intuitive interface for the low low price of "free."

What competing websites, you ask? Well, is one, and... well, that's actually the only competing website I'm referencing here. Not coincidentally, is also where I've moved all of my crappy t-shirt designs to (though some cuts to the merchandise catalog have been made, as a fair number of my shirts had become entirely irrelevant and/or upon further inspection proved to be incredibly stupid).

So without further ado, please feel free to meander over to my shop on zazzle and check out the new digs. While you're there, be sure to take significant note of the piss poor html job I turned in when trying to center the good rubbish logo on my page. Beautiful!

For the record, as a website is pretty sweet. Compared to cafepress their selection of customizable products is absolutely massive, and the variety of ways you can customize shirt designs is pretty impressive as well, so if you're thinking of running off your own shirt designs I'd highly recommend them from a user interface standpoint (and they have a good money back guarantee on their products so I can only assume that the stuff they print is pretty decent quality-wise). My only grievance thus far is that they don't carry any red shirts. I mean really... 30 different shades of light blue, but no normal red? What fucking country do they thing they're catering to here, Bulgaria? Ridiculous.

In closing, I'm planning on really busting my ass on some projects this weekend, MAYBE even getting a couple finished, so hopefully over the next few weeks you'll be seeing posts coming at you once or twice every week instead of once or twice every month. Change? Yes it is, but change is good. An Afro-American President told me so.

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Artimus Mangilord said...

I became excited about the Reagan print on a red shirt, until I read further down that they don't have any red shirts on zazzle. Are you fucking kidding me? What, is that shirt supposed to be printed on blue?