Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The Good Rubbish shop on has posted losses for 8 months running now... with your lack of help, we can make it 9! Dream the impossible dream, my friends!

Anyway, I just spent the past few hours navigating the tedious expanses of, uploading a couple of my Sarah Palin shirt designs from last week. You remember those designs, right? They were the ones no one liked. Three cheers for me turning a blind eye to widespread consumer disinterest! Hooray!

I went ahead and uploaded some stuff with the "Uggh" design and the "Do Not Want" design printed on them, as those were the only designs whose lameness quotient, while still unquestionably present, didn't actively offend any of my readers. Do I expect you to buy any of this stuff? No. But do I expect you to at least follow these two links to look at the stuff and confirm for yourself that these graphics really aren't all that fashionable? Yes. Yes I do.

I'm in the midst of a larger than normal project right now, so this will probably be the only post this week... though I might do a bit more putzing around with my cafepress shop over the weekend. I'll be sure to keep you posted if that ends up happening. Otherwise, expect to find something worth reading early next week, though considering my recent track record I would encourage you to not expect to find that "something" on this blog.

Breast wishes,


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Jouda Mann said...

In all honesty and sincereness:
Everyone has a bad stretch. You'll bounce back.
Good Luck.