Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Right now the fine people over at instructables.com (for those of you not in the know, instructables.com is a how-to site of epic proportions whose users often showcase a significant bent towards repurposing projects) are in the midst of compiling a book of some of the best stuff that's been posted on their site over the course of its existence. As a blatantly half-hearted effort to get their user base involved with the content of the book, they've opened a contest to their users which will allow some of those users to get their projects printed (or at least "mentioned", to use their terminology) in this upcoming publication.

A while back I converted a few of my Good Rubbish posts onto instructables to drive traffic to this blog (I went through a short lived period of time where I obsessed over my hit counter to a degree that could only be described as... well, obsessive), and have recently decided to enter one of those converted projects (my Speaker Media Cabinet conversion) into this contest of theirs.

Anyway, I'm a few weeks behind the curve on getting my project into this contest so I doubt I have any chance of winning it at this point, but I still think it'd be pretty keen of you to vote for my old project anyway. If you feel so inclined, you can follow this link, and then click on the aptly titled "vote" tab at the top of the project page to cast your vote in favor of your boy Enron. Of course, if you'd like to nab some revenge for how mediocre this blog's content has been for the past couple of months... well, not voting for this project would probably be a good way to passively achieve that goal. You lazy, petty bastard. Ridiculous.

In unrelated news, tomorrow night (well, it'll actually be about 4am Thursday, but I'd hate to be one of those people who describes 4am as being "in the morning"... it's still a part of the night before, you semantically inclined jackass) myself and father McHanslaw will be packing up a fraction of our belongings and driving across the country to spend an extended weekend amidst the movers and shakers that live at my grandmother's retirement community ("movers and shakers" may not be an ideal term to describe these folks, but no one can deny that the people who live at this joint do in fact move a little bit and shake an awful lot). Seeing as how I will likely have absolutely nothing to do while I'm there, expect another Good Rubbish post this Thursday or Friday night. It'll be just like old times... only undoubtedly less funny and probably more focussed around me bludgeoning myself over the head repeatedly with a rubber mallet.

So in conclusion, my sincerest thanks for your vote or non-vote, and my grandmother is old and lives with other old people. Yep, that just about covers everything. Tah-tah!

UPDATE: As of the morning of Friday, July 11th (date, live, infamy, etc...) my media cabinet post on instructables is slowly but surely climbing up the vote getter chart, and has apparently accrued enough hits in the past couple of days to be moved over onto the column of "popular" instructables that's displayed on the site's front page. Thanks for your help, broseffesses (that's the proper plural form of "brosef"), and keep up the good work!


Artimus Mangilord said...

I was inclined to vote, but was asked to register with the site in order for my vote to be counted. This is the new hanging chad, I say. Abolish this requirement, which amounts to an electoral college "who's who" among the ominously named Instructables. Give the power back to the lazy anonymous.

Father Rhyme said...

I feel your pain, Artiumus, and this news troubles me greatly. I ask you now in all seriousness, who could have possibly guessed that instructables would turn out to be such a bourgeois establishment?


You guessed it, Frank Stallone.

Bryan said...


Good job.

Father Rhyme said...

Whoa, thanks for giving me a heads up on that, Bryan. I've never heard of that site before, but I certainly can't fault their taste in outsourced content.

Shawn said...

"I'm sorry, Mr. McHanslaw, there are no rubber mallets available here at Drooling Pines Retirement Community. Ever since Eunice walloped Merle in an attempt to get the remote to the vibrating massage-o-chair, we had to do away with them. For your bludgeoning requirements, do you think you could make do with this urine soaked walker?"