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This past Sunday, October 10th of the year 2010 (10/10/10, for those of you who don't shy away from numerology), marked the 87th birthday of a great friend, adequate poet, spectacular dog fondlerer, and longtime ignorer of this blog, the venerable Dr. Christoph Kampfos.

To commemorate this most blessed of occasions, a celebratory junket was arranged in his honor, with the only host's only qualifying request being that any gifts brought to the gathering must fall in line with the 10/10/10 theme in some way or another.

Naturally, I bought him this low-priced, antifreeze-looking concoction:


If any of you are unfamiliar with the concept of MD 20/20 or any of its fortified beverage brethren, I would like to kindly recommend that you visit www.bumwine.com and educate yourself about the most magical element of the universally horrific American large-scale liquor industry. If you'd just like to learn about MD in particular, head here.

Of course, this wasn't in exact line with the theme of the party, as this was after all a bottle of MD 20/20, not MD 10/10, but the joke seemed obvious enough. Or rather, it WOULD seem obvious enough if I could get its label to read "MD 20/20/20" instead.


I started this mini-mod by picking up some mailbox decals from my local Ace hardware store.


Then I cut out a two, a zero, and most of a one (for the "/" mark) and stuck them to the bottle.

Jesus, that was an easy project. I wonder why I even bothered to put this on here? Oh right, because I hadn't posted anything in a month and this is really all I've got right now. Shit.


Still, it doesn't look too shabby, yeah?

Truth be told, this is not the first bottle of Mad Dog that I've given to a friend of mine for a birthday, and despite the fact that I stopped drinking a great many years ago, it probably won't be my last. What can I say? I solicit a profound sense of pride from classing up parties with fluorescent beverages.

Note: No livers were irrevocably harmed during the creation of this post, as no one at the party was stupid enough to drink more than a sip of this vile swill. Ugh.

Second note: One short/dumb post upcoming in the immediate future, a couple bigger/righteous-er efforts to follow a wee bit later.

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