Saturday, April 25, 2009


As some of you may be aware, today (April 25th) is the joyous day of my birth. So outside of the lovely material possessions my fine family bestowed upon me, what did the universe bestow upon me in all of its infinite wisdom?

1. Crappy weather.
2. The death of my second favorite Golden Girl, Bea Arthur.



Seriously God, I know I made this pretty clear during my obit to Estelle Getty aka Sophia Petrillo last July, but if you have to take any of our precious Golden Girls away from us, Blanche is the one we don't absolutely need around here. QUIT DEPRIVING US OF ALL THE EARNESTLY FUNNY GOLDEN GIRLS!!!

Rest in peace you siren of the small screen, rest in peace indeed.


Jouda Mann said...

I read her obituary, and I knew that you would be particularly upset, young McHanslaw.
Were you aware that she was not only a star of the small screen, but also of Broadway and off-but-very-close-to-Broadway? And that she hobnobbed with the likes of such other stars as Angela Lansbury and Lucille Ball?
Indeed, for her portrayal of Vera Charles, in Mama, Richard Watts of the New York Post wrote, "a portrait in acid of a savagely witty, cynical and serpent-tongued woman who is at once a terror, a scourge, the relentless voice of truth and a pleasure to have around."
Well put, Mr. Charles, and we are sadder for her parting.

Jouda Mann said...

Pardon the typo, that was for her portrayal in "Mame"

Artimus Mangilord said...

News of this nature is precisely the reason I consider myself an atheist. There is no cosmic justice or any other such nonsense.