Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Just a little heavy-handed, overblown message of caution for all for all of you out there with an appreciation for power tools and custom fabrication: Never do anything, it will kill you.

Thanks to Artimus Mangilord (by way of Tinybald Archibolduc) for the heads up on this masterful piece of cinematography.


Jouda Mann said...

concerning accidents like this: Oddly enough, I actually know people who have been most of the portrayed mishaps. Mot like "it was my mom's stepbrother's cousin", I mean people that I actually know. But the funniest one by far was the woman who had ripped off her ring finger by catching her wedding ring on a piece of boat rigging while on her honeymoon in the Gulf of Mexico. Not the accident itself, that was tragic. It was never an issue till I saw her trying to serve her kids M&M's, and they kept spilling out of the slot where her ring finger used to be. I couldn't breathe for laughing.
Fork Lift over boots; seen it.
Ring finger on a nail; seen it, and laugh every time I think about it
Ladder on a pallet; done it (no injuries).
Skimmed nail from a hammer; done it, and still have the scar on my lip.
Lathe with gloves on; Brother worked with someone who lost an arm for just that.
Related: gloves on a table saw. I did that one, and have a chunk missing from a finger because of it.
Pallet on a fork lift; it's actually stable as hell if you place your feet over the skids. I do it all the time.
I don't mess with Acetylene or electricity at all for exactly the scenarios presented in this video.
Forklift in a truck; I worked with a guy at Petsmart that did exactly that, and only survived because he froze stock still when it fell. Still, funny as hell to watch.
Overhead crane with a load of scrap metal; That thing is designed to hold multiples of tens of tons. You're stupid if you get within the slack of the drive cable, and you deserve it when it falls on you. Thank you for making the gene pool richer with your absence.
Same with the torch and the barrels. Dumbass.

Father Rhyme said...

Good lord Jouda, where do you work? PLEASE tell me it's at an Oscar Mayer factory, I would absolutely love that.

And wait just a second here... are you trying to tell me that you got hit in the face with a nail that you were trying to hammer into a piece of wood? To me that seemed like the least believable mishap that tape showed by a WIDE margin.

Please excuse me while I spend the next 8 minutes knocking on a piece of lumber.

Jouda Mann said...

I DID work at a meat packing facility for a very short time, but I never had any accidents there. However, after I was there for a time, I both decided that I could not work there for very long, because I like meat, and I also subsequently became a vegetarian for about six months. You would be completely amazed what is allowed to take place at a meat packing facility.
Concerning the nail in the lip, it actually is true, and not as uncommon as you would think. A glancing blow on a masonry nail using the wrong hammer, the nail isn't completely set in the concrete, and it flexes, coming up and putting out an eye, or in my case piercing a lip long before that sort of thing got boys laid for being hardcore. This is why waffle headed hammers were invented; both to "grab" the nail as you hammered it, and also so that if it DID glance off, it would glance away from you.
All of these accidents that I saw or was subject to took place in my youth. I also almost cut off my pinkie with a circular saw, shot nails through my hand numerous times with a pneumatic gun, and burned myself enough times that I don't really respond to heat now like most people do.
There's a reason I prefer to work in an office environment.