Sunday, April 6, 2008


As you've most likely heard by now, the honorable Charlton Heston (the greatest actor of any generation) passed away last Saturday night of complications from his being ludicrously old and completely nuts. But through his death there sprung new life, namely in the form of the single greatest piece of graphic design-like work that I will ever compose:

Heston for blog

Seriously, I'll never top this. I'm not even kidding.

I've got this fine graphic plastered to a bunch of crap in my cafepress shop, so if you feel like wearing the single greatest piece of Heston paraphenalia in the history of mankind, head to, click on the "An Ode to Heston" link, and then spend, damn you! SPEEEENNNND!!!!!


Li said...

Sorry for your loss.

Turn a car seat into an office chair!

Father Rhyme said...

Wait... are you Li? Like, THE Li? Peter Bryan Li??? Of MySpace fame???

If you aren't, I'd like to scold you for getting my hopes up. But if you are, I need you to forward the following message to Pete: "Dear Pete, please get me Li's phone number."

Also, thanks for the suggestion. I actually planned to build a couch out of the seats from my old Saab when it got totaled, but the insurance company said they weren't mine to take. Assholes. Regardless, I think I'm well overdue for a trip to the scrap yard, I'll keep your suggestion in mind when I go.

Li said...

Why yes i am! I didn't know i was so famous on myspace, but i like it!

I can't believe they wouldn't let you take those seats, they would've been perfect, but if you make it to the scrap yard, a chair would be so perfect! Thanks for keeping it in mind! And btw, that was a crazy story! Thank goodness you are ok!

as chuck norris gently weeps said...

Hey I need some election themed paraphenalia to wear to the DNC - looking for tshirts slong th elines of "I drink and I vote" (with patriotically colored bottles in the back), "McCain: Pure Republican Thunderfuck" (perhaps with one of your black n' white images), or "Clinton: Democratic Vaginal Warlord." Something will both offend and confuse ideally, like last election's "Cheney breeds Fags" shirt.