Wednesday, March 19, 2008


They called me a one flop wonder, but they shall call me that no more. I have designed my second hideous t-shirt, one that makes considerably less sense than the first. To commemorate this momentous occasion (and as a preemptive measure, in case this "shirt design" thing becomes a regular thing here at Good Rubbish), I have created a section of this site exclusively dedicated to my marvelous printable Photoshop creations. Rejoice in this gift I have bestowed upon you my friends, and drink of this fruit drink I have provided, as it contains 7 vitamins and minerals essential to proper colon function.

Speaking of proper colon function... well, not really, but let's just pretend that transition works, I have created a shirt design starring the father of modern conservatism, Ronald Reagan. It's a well documented fact that I find old Dutch to be the single most hilarious President of the modern era, and the second most hilarious President of all time trailing only William Howard Taft. Were it not for the famous bathtub incident, Reagan would likely carry the all time vote for me as well.

I have no real reason for finding Reagan so funny, especially considering the numerous poxes that his tax policies have brought upon this country, but I do. He's the presidential equivalent to Abe Vigoda for me - whenever someone brings up his name, I laugh. I can't help it.

Anyway, I was screwing around with an image of Reagan's head that I'm currently using for another project (that one should be arriving on Good Rubbish in the next couple of weeks), and ended up designing a t-shirt that made absolutely no sense, but as far as I can tell was still irrefutably hilarious:


Now obviously I could never get that printed on a shirt, as it violates about 897 different copyright and trademark regulations (but don't be surprised if my neighborhood Kinko's finds themselves printing that on a vinyl poster in the next couple of weeks here), but I still felt like there was potential for a really superb shirt here, so I played around with it for a while and came out with this:


A lovely piece, but unfortunately I realized shortly after finishing this up that the addition of that Republican elephant to his sweatband might have caused this image to actually have a message (that message probably being "vote for Republicans"). This simply would not do - I will not have cogent messages of any sort appearing in my meticulously pieces of crapwork, let alone messages that would lead innocents to the bosom of the GOP - so I nixed the elephant, leaving us with this lovely little ditty:


I will not lie to you, my reader: I adore this design. I adore this design so much that I might try to figure out how to get it printed, though I'm pretty sure using the phrase "just do it" is still treading pretty heavily in a gray area of copyright laws, but if you look on ebay for shirts featuring that phrase you'll see all sorts of janky non-Nike merchandise, so I might be in the clear here.

Naturally, if I figure out a good way to get my designs printed, I'll let you fine folks know. If you have any suggestions on how to get shirt printing done, please send me an email at

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